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What is Ultra Gentle Formula?

Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Infant Formula is designed to ease fussiness, gas, and crying while providing complete nutrition for a baby's healthy development.

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Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Formula for:

  • Easy-to-digest, ultra gentle proteins
  • Low lactose
  • Complete Nutrition

Dr. Thornton talks about Ultra Gentle Formula

Read our story. Learn how Sarah, Annie, and Winnie inspired us to create an ultra gentle feeding experience.

Ultra Gentle Formula for Fussy, Gassy and Crying Babies

Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Infant Formula is an innovative new Ultra Gentle Formula for fussy, gassy and crying babies that is scientifically designed for still developing infant digestive systems. This specialty formula provides complete milk-based nutrition for a baby's first year.

Features and Benefits

Our Ultra Gentle Formula has unique features that make it an easy-to-digest formula that may help babies who are fussy, cry often, or appear to suffer from gas:

  • 100% partially hydrolyzed whey protein which is broken down into smaller pieces, making it easier for baby to digest
  • Prebiotics, which may support digestive health and the immune system
  • A 95 percent reduction in lactose* for babies who may be sensitive to lactose

What Pediatricians Think about Ultra Gentle Formula

Lisa Thornton, Medical Director, Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation

"It comes as no surprise that many parents are concerned with feeding issues that result in fussiness, crying, and gas. Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Infant Formula is designed to avoid these common feeding problems. If you are looking for an easy-to-digest formula for your baby, there is no better infant formula than Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Infant Formula."

Lisa Thornton, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Pediatrics,
The University of Chicago Medical Center
Medical Director, Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation


If it seems as though your baby is having difficulty with fussiness, gas, and/or crying, you should speak with your child's pediatrician about switching formulas. Our milk-based, low-lactose formula also has broken down, ultra gentle proteins, prebiotics, and other optimal ingredients for complete nutrition.

  • A blend of DHA, ARA, and Choline to support brain and eye development
  • A blend of antioxidant Vitamins C and E, Zinc, and Vitamin A for immune support
  • Lutein, a nutrient concentrated in the eye

Our Infant Formula Meets FDA Nutrition, Safety and Quality Standards

Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Formula meets all nutrition, quality, and safety standards established by the Food and Drug Administration. It also meets the nutritional levels recommended by the U.S. National Academy of Science-National Research Council and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the largest organization of pediatricians dedicated to the health and wellbeing of infants and children.

Bloom & Blossom Infant Formula is produced in an FDA-inspected facility. Our high-tech factory and dedicated workforce are strategically positioned in close proximity to local dairy farms.

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