Packaged for Mom

Bloom & Blossom Infant Formula is packaged in an innovative mom-friendly container with these features:

  • CleanPull® Technology
  • SimpleSlide®
  • AccuMeasure® Scoop Leveler
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Mom Friendly Infant Formula Container

Leading pediatricians, gastroenterologists, and other healthcare professionals teamed with our company's infant nutrition experts to develop a specialized Ultra Gentle Infant Formula for babies who suffer from fussiness, gas, or crying. So why wouldn't we interview moms and partner with leading package engineering firms around the globe to reinvent the infant formula container?

As part of our commitment to making life easier for parents, we worked with moms to develop a cutting-edge container that reflects the high quality of the complete nutrition found on the inside. We invested time, talent, and big dollars to create innovative packaging based input from moms in focus groups and consumer products experts. The result of our labors and focus is the SmarTub®, a mom friendly infant formula container with features and benefits to moms and dads that are out of this world.

Bloom & Blossom's "Smart Tub® Formula Container"

The SmarTub® is designed to make it easier to provide accurate feedings for busy moms to feed their babies while maintaining product quality and freshness throughout shelf life. We invested $30 million and three years to make certain we got the packaging right. This required the installation of a state-of-the-art packaging line.

The new packaging line incorporates innovative on-line quality check technology that includes 100% leak detection and extensive vision label verification systems. In addition, the packaging process entails approximately 27 on-line quality inspections with operations checking 589 different quality elements.

Container Features and Benefits

The SmarTub® was created with several unique features with the following benefits:

  • CleanPull® Technology
    • Quick, easy, and clean with an easy-zip-open feature and benefit.
    • With CleanPull® Technology, moms can quickly remove the foil with one easy pull.
  • SimpleSlide®
    • No more lost scoop and digging around the container with your fingers.
    • The SimpleSlide® scoop holder will keep the scoop in an easy to find place and your hands out of the infant formula.
  • AccuMeasure® Scoop Leveler
    • Now measuring the scoop of infant formula is easier than ever.
    • Our AccuMeasure® scoop leveler is built right into the tub.

We firmly believe we have advanced baby formula packaging with novelties that transform the overall user experience for moms and dads across the country. The animated display above highlights the main features of the SmarTub® package. Click on the different features you want to learn more about this mom friendly infant formula container. Please be sure to turn up the volume on your computer.