About Bloom & Blossom

Bloom & Blossom Infant Formula is produced in a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility. Our local workforce comprises industry-leading molecular biologists, chemists, food scientists, nutritionists, engineers, regulatory experts, quality assurance specialists, and equipment operators who are passionate about developing and manufacturing world-class infant formula products for babies across the country.

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Our Story

We Listened to Sarah

Our story is pretty simple: we listened to Sarah. A mom at our company, Sarah recently welcomed twin girls, Annie and Winnie, to the family. Sadly, both girls had an array of feeding issues. When our new mom returned to the office from maternity leave, Sarah went straight to our product development team in Vermont with an idea.

Sarah posted photo with her twin girls, Annie and Winnie

"Winnie in particular is very fussy, especially during and after feedings," she shared with the group. "Poor thing also has colic. I believe her general discomfort and crying is related to gas. We breastfed from the beginning, but with twins it was very difficult for me to do that exclusively for very long. When we turned to infant formula, I talked over the options with my pediatrician. One of the things she said was unless Winnie had a milk allergy – which we didn't believe because she did fine with my breast milk – then any baby formula that worked for Winnie was okay by her. The problem was we couldn't find anything that worked! Current infant formulas on the market all seemed to cause her discomfort and feeding time ultimately became very, very stressful."

As one of the largest suppliers of infant formula in the world, our product development team is always looking for new ideas. We already had a formulation in the pipeline with 100 percent partially hydrolyzed, or broken down, proteins. Based on Sarah's story, we recalibrated our thinking to design an enhanced partially hydrolyzed, customized product that would deliver an ultra-gentle feeding as a complete source of infant nutrition.

"What I wanted was 'comfort food' for Annie and Winnie," said Sarah. "I suspected Winnie's pain was caused by digesting large amounts of lactose present in standard milk-based infant formulas. So the team decided to design a low lactose formula with a 95 percent reduction in lactose content. Prebiotics were also added to the mix. These non-digestible fiber compounds may stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria in a baby's belly."

The 1-2-3 Combination

The research and development group looked at what was on the market and developed a formula with 100% partially broken down proteins and 95 percent less lactose that eases digestion. It also contains prebiotics, which may support digestive health and the immune system. This gives it a 1-2-3 combination. The resulting formula also has high levels of DHA and lutein to stimulate brain and eye development, as well as vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc to jump start a baby's immune system.

Sarah and her new born baby

"I believe we came up with a formula that is truly novel," added Sarah. "The new Ultra Gentle Formula literally designed for sensitive tummies to minimize uncomfortable feedings. This means more bonding time for moms like me."

While it's unfortunate that Anna and Winnie have had difficulty with feedings, the silver lining in all this is the new formula. We named it Bloom & Blossom, and we couldn't have done it without Sarah, Annie, and Winnie. We are glad we listened to Sarah and encourage you to ask your doctor about trying Bloom & Blossom Ultra Gentle Formula.

A Heritage of Infant Formula Manufacturing

Sarah twin girls, Annie and Winnie

Another part of our story centers on our infant formula factory and workforce that has manufacturing infant formula for more than 30 years.

That's not going to change as we expand upon that heritage of success. We keep an ever-watchful eye on innovation and quality. Thanks to employees like Sarah and our team of food scientists and engineers, we can react quickly to a need in the marketplace. We are thankful for Sarah, Annie, Winnie, and their infant formula of choice, Bloom & Blossom. We welcome them to our family of people and products.